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The Torah School Crash Course
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New!  Rashi Script Tutorial Video

Stage 1:  Study the coloured chart which shows you the Rashi letters next to their block equivalents.

Stage 2:  Print out the chart "Studying Rashi Script," then fill in the columns on the blank chart with a pencil or pen using the coloured chart to help you.  You can do this by yourself or with a friend.

Stage 3:  Once you are confident that you will recognise Rashi letters have a go at the Rashi Letters Flashcards.

Stage 4:  When you are getting all of the letters flashcards right try the Rashi Words Flashcards.

Stage 5:  Once you are reading all of the words flashcards correctly, first time, you are ready to try working through the Rashi Reading Practice page...and you should be able to attempt to read the Rashi in your Chumash.  (Begin with a Chorev [Feldheim] Chumash which has Rashi with nekudot.)

~  Rashi Script chart and written exercises  (pdf)  ~






Rashi Letters
Rashi Letters Flashcards
Rashi Words Flashcards
Rashi Reading Practice

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