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Please note, any documents still headed "Kerem"
may no longer be in use in Kerem School.

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Welcome to TorahSchool!
2001-2014  ~  5761-5774


Please note:

1.  Any documents still headed "Kerem"
may no longer be in use in Kerem School;

2.  Much material in Torah School is from my days in Kerem,
but is nevertheless still useful and worthwhile reading / using.


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Poetry Corner

Lots about school,
but (sorry)
not Kodesh
at all!
Now including a special Torah poem
(more advanced).

For a good look at festivals and events around the Jewish year, check out the Virtual Jerusalem site: click here
...and you must try this great site: www.revach.net 

Software Scene



Writing a Chumash Curriculum?
Points to Ponder

Teaching Avinu Malkeinu?

Vayeitze Verbs Flashcards

Rashi Reading Crash Course

Rashi Letters Flashcards

Rashi Words Flashcards
Rashi Script Tutorial Video

Teach the Rashi of the week!

Now you can teach texts  like you never have before!

Vayeitze Emphatext - new

Give some Rashi Reading Practice.

Now ready...

Navigating around the Chumash page

Our Method of learning the Pesukim

Teachers' Notes 





The Tefilla of the SheLaH HaKadosh
that parents recite on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan
..and any other time

A great video for Yom Yerushalayim
With thanks to Bnei Akiva Italia & Yaakov Shwekey.

...and I just love this one!
Baruch Levine: Vezakeini

The Shimon Waronker Story
Watch this
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Acheinu - Hashem, please watch over and protect all of our brothers and sisters who are in trouble and captivity.
Our brothers of the whole house of Israel,
who are in distress and captivity,
on sea or land, may the All-present have compassion on them,
and lead them from distress to relief, from darkness to light,
from oppression to freedom, now, swiftly, and soon.
And let us say: Amen.

Introducing: http://thankisraelisoldiers.org/

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Jerusalem Time

Torah School Time
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Contacting me

Visitors Book

~ We've had visitors from Jerusalem, North America,
   Canada, Australia, Mallorca . . .

~ Listen to the shiurim of one of our visitors!
(just click
here to see and hear Reb Yerachmiel's shiurim ~
     they are hosted by the much celebrated 
Dixie Yid  (go to Dixie Yid))

TUTORIALS on ALEF BEIS, vowels, and beginning Hebrew reading,
and LOTS MORE . . .

Click here for "Montage" of Tutorials - a taster

New...  Open Questions for Tefilloh Discussions
Use these for short discussions before you daven with your pupils,
and their davening will soar Heavenward, IYH!

A Torah Poem ~ "Hakoras Hatov" ~ please read and enjoy

Rashi of the Week

The Animated Talmud
A beautiful resource for introducing students to Torah SheBe'al Peh ~
Breathtaking clarity, simplicity; exceptional quality; rich content;
delightful to watch, unique resource and learning tool.

Read an article about The Animated Talmud

Nechama Leibowitz: Personal Reflections by Rabbi Ian Shaffer
Find an hour to listen to this, or listen to it in bits - it's inspirational.
Go here for more details, and scroll down a little.

Inspiring Chinuch training videos from Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Special TorahSchool audio-visual! ~ The Torah ~

SORRY - a short Aish film for Yom Kippur

New Stories in Story Time! - for Parashot Kedoshim & Bechukotai

Special Links   to inspirational material - see new content

Hebrew Reading Assessment 1
Hebrew Reading Assessment 2

Year 4 J.L.P. General Knowledge Study and Review booklet

Year 5 J.L.P. General Knowledge Study and Review booklet

Jewish Literacy Programme 

Shiurim on Hilchot Berachot
on the Berachot page
by Dayan Yonason Abraham, shlita
London Beth Din, UK;  Rav of Kehillas Toras Chaim)

Yr. 6 Core General Knowledge Q&A Study & Review
Yr. 6 Core General Knowledge Q&A - Tests 
Yr.6 39 Melachot Test
Judaism in Focus: Questions for
Yr. 6 Discussion
and Creative Writing

sedra events

Year 6 Special Study Pack
Revision Aid for Tefilla Summaries
Year 6 Chumash and Mishna Revision Notes

288 Chumash Vocabulary Flashcards

J.L.P. Vocab. with phrases
with transliterations in:     Israeli pronunciation 
                                    Ashkenaz pronunciation 

Reading Practice Cards

Chayei Sarah  ~ Shorashim (roots) ~ Bereshit 24: 10-22 ~
The Audio Pesukim Page ~

Google Torah Toldot

Vayeitze Emphatext

Keriat HaTorah / Leining samples

Powerpoint Presentation for
National J.S. Conference, February, 2007

Parasha Sheets
- more coming soon

Chanukah Curriculum
A Pen Pal in the Past

Loads of new links on the Links page

The TorahSchool Berachot Workbook 

Encyclopaedia of Torah and Middot Brainstorms 

Mitzva Tokens (pdf)

Two Readings of Matan Torah 

Mibereshit questions 
(from Vayeishev until Shelach Lecha, 5765,
but lots of ideas for sample questions nonetheless!)

"My Own Haggadah" (pdf)
Bedikat Chametz & Biur Chametz (pdf)  
Pesach Seder Q&A Cards (pdf)
Demonstration Seder, Programme and Guide (pdf)
Pesach Revision Quiz

Megillat Esther - Full text with alternate Hamans highlighted! (pdf)

Idea for teaching "Mishenichnas Adar..." (pdf)
Megillat Esther Study Sheet (incl. pdf

Megillat Esther - The Play! (pdf)
Listening to Megillat Esther (pdf)

Rosh Hashana Workbook! (pdf)
Avinu Malkeinu - Our Father, Our King

Rashi Script written exercises (pdf)
and don't forget the Rashi Reading Crash Course!
New in Rashi of the week:  Miketz

General Knowledge Curriculum for Key Stage 1 (Infants) (pdf file)
General Knowledge Curriculum for Key Stage 2 (Juniors) (pdf file)

Shemoneh Esrei Project
New examples of Shemonei Esrei Project work from 2004/5764

Software Scene

Writing a Chumash Curriculum? - Points to Ponder

Year 5 Discussion of the Month

Our Method (One of our methods of learning Chumash)
Shemot Texts ('Emphatexts')


Links (Great links to other Torah and Jewish interest web sites)

Some of what you'll find in Torah School:

Key Skills
These pages give pupils tools they need
to help them to learn, both at school and at home.
If you look at Question of the Lesson you will see
not only great questions but also full discussions
of the texts and commentaries from our lessons!

Tefilla Corner
Read about our projects and see our work!

Are you saying your 100 daily Berachot?
After visiting this section you'll be well equipped to do so!

Story Time!
Here you can enjoy some original stories,
with morals relating to the weekly Parashah.

Links  to other sites of Jewish interest.
Some wonderful new links have just been added!

The Site Map will tell you more about what is on these pages.


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The J.L.P.

"My Own Haggadah"

Rosh Hashana Workbook in pdf!

Berachot book now in pdf format!



Year 5 Discussion of the Month


Tefilla Corner

Test yourself on Vayeitze Verbs
Vayeitze Flashcards

Rashi Reading Crash Course

Rashi of the Week

Rashi Letters Flashcards
how will you do?
Rashi Words Flashcards
- try these, too!



A working clock animation, with message: "It's always time to learn Torah!"

...don't just count the minutes, make the minutes count !






Three thoughts for today, 
and every day

Make the most of your time ~
... so, don't just count the minutes,
make the minutes count !

It's not enough to just speak sparingly;
use the gift of speech to
i n s p i r e  and  c h a n g e  l i v e s
... so, don't just count your words,
make your words count !

Begin by appreciating all that Hashem has given you -
your health, your brain, your family, your talents;
then go out and jolly well make the most of them all

... so, don't just count your blessings,
make your blessings count !



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